Product Description

The FSP200 Development Suite is a series of tools designed to support the development of consumer robotics applications from evaluation all the way through prototyping and production. The FSP200 provides superior planar heading and 6-axis IMU performance for high-volume cost-conscious applications, and the FSP200 Development Suite assists in every step of the product creation process.

The FSP200 Development Suite consists of the following products:

FSP200 BMI055 Reference Module

Made for rapid prototyping, the FSP200 BMI055 Reference Module pairs the FSP200 processor with the Bosch Sensortech BMI055 6-axis motion sensor in a self-contained module. This component makes integration and testing with the FSP200 truly turn-key.

FSP200 Serial/USB Adapter

Designed for instantaneous evaluation, the FSP200 Serial/USB adapter provides the FSP200 BMI055 Reference Module with a USB interface. Simply connect to a PC and receive an always-on stream of the most commonly used sensor data. If deeper interaction and configuration is needed, the included MotionStudio 2 PC application supports the full set of FSP200 functionality.

FSP200 Development Kit

Built for rapid development, the FSP200 Development Kit allows the user to build applications incorporating the FSP200's superior motion processing quickly and efficiently. The FSP200 Development Kit consists of an FSP200 Development Board (including an FSP200 BMI055 Reference Module) and an STMicroelectronics Nucleo F411RE Development Platform. The kit also comes with Hillcrest's MotionStudio 2 PC application and all documentation, schematics, and software examples necessary to build robust robotics applications.





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