Product Description

The FSP200 is a sensor hub with Hillcrest’s proprietary embedded sensor processing software designed for use in robotic navigation applications. The FSP200 integrates Hillcrest’s high-performance sensor hub software stack into a low-power 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 MCU. This small, turn-key component benefits developers and integrators through faster time-to-market, reductions in development time, reduced BOM cost, and the highest precision and quality.

The FSP200 with new Interactive Calibration delivers superior planar heading with consumer grade MEMS


The FSP200 is optimized for service and other ground-roving robots such as floor cleaners, lawnmowers, and garden products that employ Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM) or other ‘intelligent’ navigation solutions. The combination of Hillcrest’s proprietary software along with a variety of external 6-axis sensors delivers superior heading performance even when the surface is not level. The FSP200 also provides features that enable bump detection and inclination, eliminating the cost of additional motion sensors or switches.

Choice of Sensor

Using our new proprietary interactive calibration software, the FSP200 achieves consistently superior performance, even with low-cost sensors. This allows systems designers to choose from a variety of consumer grade MEMS sensors from today’s leading suppliers to best match cost requirements.



MotionEngine™ 6-Axis Sensor Fusion
Tilt Independent Heading
 Bump Detection
 Inclination Detection
 Choose Your Sensor
Simplified UART Interface
Dynamic Calibration
Simple Factory Calibration
Intelligent Power Management
Configurable Sampling Rate
Suitable for Android, Linux, and Embedded Designs
Firmware Upgradeable




Home Service Robots -  Inertial Navigation, Bump Detection, Tilt Detection
Commercial Service Robots -  Planar Navigation, Collision Avoidance & Detection
Outdoor Robots -  Terrestrial Navigation, GPS Augmentation

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