More Wireless Access Without More Fiber

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is a cost-effective way to deliver wireless access when laying new fiber optic cable is not possible or ideal, including in dense cities and remote, isolated destinations. FWA is also handy for pop-up events when large crowds present a drain on existing access, such as festivals and major sporting events.

But ensuring and maintaining accurate alignment of FWA antennas can be a logistical challenge that results in costly and unnecessary truck rolls, causing degraded service for your customers.

Planar Calibration for Accurate Attitude Alignment

Antennas that deliver fixed wireless access need to be aligned precisely when installed. Aligning systems requires an accurate heading and orientation. The trouble is, aligning an antenna at its fixed point is often difficult due to its awkward positioning.

Magnetic environments from the ground are very different from those found dozens of feet in the air. Having an easier way to align the antenna while it's in place can lead to faster setup time and more consistent performance.

To facilitate this, we've developed a planar calibration process that requires very little movement. Typical magnetometer calibration requires multiple rotations, which can be difficult with a large piece of equipment. But our planar magnetometer calibration only requires a simple 90-degree rotation about a single axis.

Accurate, Real-Time Attitude Monitoring

Once set up, delivering great performance to your customers is the highest priority. Our products dynamically calibrate to maintain accuracy over time by learning through varying temperature and aging conditions. By monitoring the attitude of your products, you can determine if the cause for service interruption is because the antenna moved, or something else. If it was suddenly moved, you know to send the technician out to re-align it; however, if you're confident it's in the right spot, your support staff can immediately start troubleshooting other potential issues from afar.

Understanding the situation of your product will allow you to support the customer quickly and effectively while improving your bottom line with intelligent decisions.

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Motion Sensors for Attitude Alignment & Monitoring

Applications Beyond Antennas

Attitude alignment and attitude monitoring can help improve the performance of antennas in any location, but it also goes beyond antennas. If your application has a fixed asset where heading or orientation is critical, our sensors can help.

To discuss your application in detail, or to learn about our volume pricing, contact us today.

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